Friday, October 25, 2013

Fedaykin Death Commando, Original Concept by Devon Cady-Lee completed(sort of)

Wrapped this guy up for the most part this week. Relatively happy with the results, can't say I am totally displeased with the piece but there is still much room for improvement. I've decided to take the weekends during next month to further polish the texture, as well as model some of the remaining pieces. Still need to mess with the normals of the cloth, fix the funky looking patterns on his scarf/cape, and tweak out the normals of the cloth in general. The metal reads decent when the lights scan overhead in marmoset, but from this screenshot they don't really read as metal right off the bat, as with most of the other materials; which happens to be what I've learned, for the most part, from this project, that my ability to render materials properly needs work.

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