Monday, December 16, 2013

Cyborg Chick for upcoming MMO

Latest character for the current MMO that I am working on. Still have some block out pieces that need to be finished, but for the most part the high-poly is well under way. Can't wait to start baking textures out, it has been too long since I've really delved deep into a Sci-Fi character such as this.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So, got the Diffuse done today. Still have some tweaks left, as well as the spec. Here are some shots, two with default lighting and one with a basic 3-point light setup I through together really quick. Just some maya screenshots, so the quality isn't the best. Hope its still readable, though

Monday, November 25, 2013

Character for a future MMO

Here's some recent contract work I was given. Its some sort of sub-caste of an alien 'hive-mind' species. Its been really fun so far, about to start the process of game-caging/UVing, and hopefully will begin texturing relatively soon as well. Only have 3500 tris and 1k maps to work with, so I'm anticipating losing some of the details. If so, I've managed to work in ZBrush layers into my workflow this time around so getting rid of them shouldn't be an issue.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bang Seung-Ho's Chief Guard Concept

Here's the a progress shot from my latest project. Still a lot of sculpting to do, but a few more hours of un-interrupted sculpting should allow me to proceed forth with the project. Decided to try something this time; I started importing pieces into ZBrush at the origin so I could take advantage of the symmetry function, and will place them afterwards. I feel like this will not only enhance results, but significantly speed up my workflow when it comes to detailing parts.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fedaykin Death Commando, Original Concept by Devon Cady-Lee completed(sort of)

Wrapped this guy up for the most part this week. Relatively happy with the results, can't say I am totally displeased with the piece but there is still much room for improvement. I've decided to take the weekends during next month to further polish the texture, as well as model some of the remaining pieces. Still need to mess with the normals of the cloth, fix the funky looking patterns on his scarf/cape, and tweak out the normals of the cloth in general. The metal reads decent when the lights scan overhead in marmoset, but from this screenshot they don't really read as metal right off the bat, as with most of the other materials; which happens to be what I've learned, for the most part, from this project, that my ability to render materials properly needs work.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Death Commando cont.

Newest work, still the continuation of Devon Cady-Lee's Fedaykin Death Commando concept; it's been awesome working on this, because the concept is very clear and was easy to breakdown. Still need to texture him, right now he sits at ~50k tris and has 2 sets of 2k maps for 4 different groups of meshes. May have gone a little overboard with the textures, but I want to make sure each part of this guy gets the level of detail I hope to achieve. Let's just pray the textures don't go swimming.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Devon Cady-Lee, Dune Fedaykin Death Commando stillSuit Sculpt

Getting really excited about this project, here's the base stillsuit that will get covered with varying cloth/gear. Going to get some armor and clothing blocked out soon and see how fast I can get this all done, with a week or so to polish. Concept is based off of Devon Cady-Lee's concept, which can be seen here:

Human Anatomy Project

Here is my latest attempt at anatomy sculpting, as well as hand-painting. Need to knock out more busts, and up my face anatomy skills. Also going to go back and polish the texture a bit more.

Random Digital Pieces

These are two random pieces I did, had water and lightning elementals in mind while doing these two. Grabbed a lot of inspiration from traditional Japanese stuff for the water elemental, and some scooby-doo/creature box stuff for the lightning guy.

Maddy Taylor Orc Sculpt

Here's something rather simple; I was told to make a base-sculpt of the orc, and then take that base and directly copy the armor of another sculpt done by Maddy Taylor. Overall, I was pretty happy with the outcome. In the end, I think I could have paid attention more to the orc proportions that are made famous by Games Workshop, as well as the continuity between streaks of damage and wear n' tear. Going to revisit this guy and some point and finish up the anatomy.

Cartoon Demon Sculpt

For this guy, I was tasked with making a cartoony demon; something that seems to be the definition of oxymoron. Regardless, this has to be one of my favorite projects so far; learned a lot in regards to what makes a style cartoony, as well as some serious anatomy tips from my instructor. Also, studying wings and seeing the anatomical similarities with other organic appendages was crazy, made for some unique sculpting opportunities with the Curve Brush in ZBrush.

Female Bust Art Test

Here is my very first art test. Please don't mind the terrible render, it is but a mere ZBrush screengrab. This particular project was very interesting; never before had I, or any of my instructor's, pushed facial realism to the extent that this project did. Also, learned the importance of layers during this project; pores too strong? Lower the opacity! Too subtle? Bring it up again! Saved a lot of pain. Also, first time tackling skin painting, followed a really, really helpful tutorial provided by a fantastic artist. I'll post the link:

Not only does it include skin painting stuff, but also how to accurately produce believable looking skin pores, as well as wrinkles, blemishes, etc. Enjoy!

First Character

This is what I would consider my first 'complete' character model. I had done a lot of small characters before this, but up until this point none had reached the level of completion that this one did. Just a simple character, figured this guy to be more of a background character that no one would really bother getting up close to.

~8k tris,
2048x2048 Diffuse, Normal, Spec

Hand-Painted, Low Poly Characters

Here are two hand-painted, low poly characters I've made. The top one (Capt.Stegg) was the first one I've attempted, whilst the T-Rex on the bottom was a more recent endeavor. The above concept is of my own design, and the bottom one was assigned to me with strict instructions on have a 'borderlands' feel. I don't think the design matches borderlands as much as I'd like it to, but overall I think it helped me improve my painting skills a bunch. Also, first time texturing in mudbox as well; gotta admit, I've been hooked to this day.

500 tris
512x512 Diffuse only

2k tris
1k texture, Diffuse only

Hand-Painted tiling textures.

Going to start things off with some hand painted stuff, this particular entry being an attempt at two hand-painted texture that I made tile-able. In my eyes, they turned out a little bit better than terrible, so I wasn't completed disappointed. I'd like to revisit the same idea one day in the future, but for now I am still in the midst of improving my sculpting/anatomy skills. Anyway, this is the first of a few hand-painted entries that I will begin my blog with. Enjoy!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, and welcome to the little corner of he internet that I'd like to call my 'art dump.' Here, I will utilize this blog as a creative outlet, to post pictures of my art and hopefully get myself out there as well as have a solid place that I can use as a resume (so to speak).

So, that being said, onto the art: